Current Tips and Trends in Family Owned Businesses

With numbers between 1.2 and 1.3 million in the United States and steadily rising it seems that the modern family owned businesses are no longer fitly described by the old “Mom and Pop” colloquialism. In her 2006 book, “Couplepreneurs: Prosperity Through Partnership,” business coach and entrepreneur Jean R. Charles writes that “the fastest-growing family owned […]

MLM Business Plan – Why You Need One, and 3 Things That Must Be Included in the One You Create!

Do you have an MLM business plan, or are you like most others in this industry who seem to let this pass by without notice? Well if you haven’t created a business plan for your MLM home business, then what you really have is an MLM hobby? Here’s how to go from hobby to legitimate […]

The Engineering Business Plan and the Business Model

Separate from a Business Plan is the Business Model. The Business Model is nothing more then a description of the means and methods the firm will employ to earn revenues projected by the Business Plan. The Business Plan describes what the business wants to accomplish and what resources it will use to reach those objectives. […]

Nike Running Shoes – Technologies Leading Innovation

A long time ago Nike revolutionized the shoe industry with their Nike Air. The Nike Air technology often featured a section of see through material that acted as a cushion on the rear outsole of the shoe. Since its release in the 1970s this technology has spawned a high-tech running shoes industry. With several other […]

Online Bachelor Degrees in Information Technology

A bachelor degree in Information technology is an undergraduate degree that is three to five years in duration. The bachelor’s degree in IT focuses on computers and technology unlike the computer science degree where students are also required to study management and information theory. It also concentrates on business and communication applications of computing and […]

The “New” Physician Enterprise – Leveraging Technology to Enable the Cash Medical Practice

There is an increasing trend towards cash-based medical practices. Some are the high end “Anti-Aging” or “Age Management” practices that consider aging as a treatable condition that can be delayed substantially through the application of hormone replacement, nutritional supplementation and other non-conventional medical modalities. Other cash practices are typical family practices that have become frustrated […]