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NBA 2K21 – What’s New In Season 5

Age of Heroes has started in NBA 2K21. This is the fifth MyTeam season. It comes with lots of new content, new rewards, but also changes. Let’s see what is new in Season 5. The Exchange is a feature that allows players to get new cards in exchange for cards that are already in their collection. It’s a nice feature that allows you to get rid of cards, such as duplicates, you do not use anymore. It’s important to note that each card can have a certain use so give it a good thought before swapping them. Season 5 the Exchange reward items include Larry Bird amethyst quality, Krish Middleton diamond quality, and Lou Hudson galaxy opal. The last one is the first card of this quality that can be obtained through the Exchange.

The developers have listened to the players and decided to leave the quarter lengths unchanged. These will last for four minutes, just like in the previous season. The lineup restrictions for this season will have rules that are based on the lineup overall rating. This will make things more challenging for lineup builders. Speaking of lineups, if you are a PlayStation 5 player you can take part in a new challenge activity. You will need to build a lineup that can take on the 2000 Raptors. The goal is to achieve 10 dunks and beat Vince Carter and T-Mac. Don’t stop at 10 dunks though. Each extra dunk counts towards your spot on the leaderboard.

MyTeam Season 5 comes with more Galaxy Opal cards that can be obtained as rewards. Peja Stojakovic is acquired when you obtain 1,000 wins in Triple Threat mode. Don Ohl is now part of The Vault. Fred Brown is the first Galaxy Opal card that can be acquired by playing Triple Threat Online. This season’s Ball Drops features Michael Jordan. Don’t forget to take a look at the boards with 10 slots that make a comeback in this season. But first, you will need to score some wins in Triple Threat Online. Amethyst shakes will not occur in the Age of Heroes. Actually, you won’t see any of them this year. A player walkout will only be triggered by Diamond and higher rated players. The reward market has something new as well. There are three player cards that can be acquired as token rewards. These items include Amethyst Dejounte Murray, Galaxy Opal Moses Malone, and Diamond Devin Booker. If you need cheap 2K21 MT coins, remember that is here for you!

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