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Useful Tips To Help You Win A Fantasy Cricket League

The love for cricket is never-ending. After all, cricket is every Indian’s favourite sport. Due to this fact, games like fantasy cricket have gained immense popularity. 

Although winning a fantasy cricket league is not as simple a task as it seems. There are different crucial elements to consider before forming a team because it is all about the players you would select and will have a better probability of scoring. Here, in this article, are some suggestions to consider while choosing a squad. 

Things you need to consider

  • Examine a player’s previous performances
  • Choose your Captain and Vice-captain with great care
  • Take care of the weather report, the pitch report, and the coin toss

Tips for choosing your team

1. Brilliant Players Over Your Favourite Players

While choosing the group, pick outstanding performing players rather than most popular and loved athletes. Those players will assist you in dominating matches with their batting, bowling, or both. Consistency is crucial, and there are various players like Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni, Jasprit Bumrah, Rohit Sharma, and so forth who are predictable but brilliant players.

2. Choosing your Captain and Vice-Captain

Select your Captain and Vice-Captain cautiously, as the Captain gets 2X extra points, and the Vice-Captain gets 1.5X points for every run he or she scores. Therefore, it would be best to remain exceptionally cautious while picking these two players to get the most advantage.

3. Same Venue, Same Opponent

Keeping in mind the player who excelled against the same or similar opponents at the same arena is also very important. That player might be advantageous to you. It is recommended that you maintain one uncapped player on your team because his batting and bowling styles would be unfamiliar to a different squad.

4. Consider Natural Elements

Consider elements such as weather forecasts and pitch reports. Some players excel in one circumstance, and it is crucial to evaluate if they can also excel in other situations. For instance, if the surface is sluggish and dry, ‌use more spinners than quick bowlers. Similarly, if it’s a pitch where hitters and swing bowlers may excel, ‌pay attention to it as well. There are several internet sources to get information on a player’s strength, availability, etc.

5. All-rounders to the rescue

Rather than picking batters, go for all-rounders, who will bat initially. The same thing goes with wicket attendants. Choose one with batting capacities with wicket-keeping. So he can build your group focused on batting and wicket-keeping.

You will have a few minutes to tweak your squad while playing the Indian fantasy league. When the final playing 11 is published following the toss, make sure you make the ‌alterations to accommodate the new lineup.

Everyone wants to win more in fantasy matches, but it may be impossible for one group. According to fantasy cricket tips and tricks, making multiple teams is better to increase your chances of winning. If you lose one challenge, you can win another challenge with new groups.