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How to bet on MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an incredibly popular action-packed sport with a global following. There are a number of exciting betting opportunities within MMA Betting for bettors who do their research and stay disciplined.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the flagship event for the sport of MMA. A broadcast rights deal with ESPN has taken MMA to a global audience around the world. With that growth, terrific chances for online sports betting have emerged. 

MMA Bet types

We have listed the five major bet types available in the MMA below: 

Head-to-Head – The most straightforward bet type, a punter needs to pick the winner of the fight.  If your fighter wins, you win. 

Method of Victory – The punter must predict the winner and if whether it’s won via decision, KO or submission.  The odds offered in this market are higher than those on straight head-to-head betting.

Double Chance – Similar to the method of victory, however, the punter has to predict the winner and then has two chances at predicting the method (i.e. fighter x to win by KO or by decision). This is quite useful when a fighter with very few submission skills is only likely to win a decision or by KO (and vice versa for a fighter with very little KO power).

Total Rounds – The punter must predict whether the fight will go over or under a certain amount of time. For example, if the line is set at 1.5 rounds, the punter must predict whether the fight will be finished in the first round or continue into the second round.

Will the Fight Go The Distance? – Will there be a TKO or KO? Will it be a battle of fitness? The punter can bet on the distance of the fight regardless of the winner.

The keys to successful MMA Betting

  1. Watch and Learn – Familiarise yourself with the nuances of MMA. What are takedowns? How do fighters win by submission? How are points awarded?
  1. Research – Take time to study and learn the basics of mixed martial arts. For example, fights at lower weight classes, and women’s fights, tend to go longer (and are more likely to go to a decision) due to less knockout power. This information will enable better bets to be placed. 
  1. Get to Know the Fighters – Know about the fighters participating and their odds. Are they power fighters, or do they rely on fitness.? Tactics play a huge part in MMA, and any hint you can get will put you at an advantage. 
  1. Don’t Be Fooled by Hype – A lot of fighters crave publicity and make outlandish predictions. Focus on the facts and disregard the gossip. 
  1. Find the Right Online MMA Betting Website There are a number of websites that offer MMA information and tips. Find the best sites that provide the information and statistics you need to make your informed bets. The Palmerbet blog is a terrific source of UFC betting tips, odds, and predictions. 
  1. Take Advantage of Underdog Opportunities While they are not easy to spot, underdogs provide a good payout for a small outlay. MMA fights can be unpredictable, and upsets occur. The secret is to find the best underdogs on each betting card. 

Best Sources of Information

There are many outstanding betting sites full of MMA betting tips and up to date UFC odds. The best include and All the fighters have a strong social media presence, and it is a good idea to follow them for any up-to-date fitness and mood information. 


Betting on this exciting combat sport of MMA isn’t easy, but it is a lot of fun and can be rewarding. There are a lot of different angles available to bet on. Some bettors will focus on head-to-head markets, while others enjoy the Total Rounds market. As with all betting, focus on what you think is your edge and keep disciplined.  The above information will allow the development of a strategy that can reap the rewards.  

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