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Larry Baer Plans to Be as Aggressive as Possible When Rebuilding Roster After Lockout

There has been plenty of press given to the lockout and what it would mean for the season. Baseball fans were concerned about what they would miss out on, particularly as it seemed like an agreement couldn’t be reached. 

That is until March 9, when a collective bargaining deal was struck between the owners and players. At such a late stage, it was unsurprising that everyone was ready to get the offseason back up and running. In fact, club owners and players were ready to go the day the contract was signed. One owner who has been vocal about his plans was Larry Baer, the CEO and President of the San Francisco Giants. See what he had to say and what that will likely mean for both the team and the fans. 

Under the Gun 

Clubs don’t have a lot of time to both get their rosters in order and open spring training. This lockout has caused a lot of strife for all involved, with blame going in every direction. Baer has said that he empathized with both the fans and the players, and his primary goal was to serve his community by offering world-class performances on the field. 

This is why it was so important to him to spring into action as soon as the deal was reached. If there were any holes to fill, he felt they had to be addressed as quickly as possible. With the preseason Bay Bridge Series already having been canceled, the pressure to prevent further loss was on. 

Larry Baer understood what kind of position he was in and how it affected his team. When reporters spoke with him after the news was announced, Baer was open about the steps he was planning to take. “We are primed to be out there in the market. Like a lot of teams, we’re going to be pretty aggressive. This is going to be a flurry, a frenzied period. We’ve been preparing for it.”

Coming Through 

It’s not necessarily normal for owners to use this type of language to describe their next steps. Being vague is a way to avoid overpromising, something that the public and media will certainly be willing to point out if the season hits some serious stumbling blocks. 

Baer didn’t make it clear exactly what moves he was going to take, but the speculation is largely centered around 30-year-old Kris Bryant, a baseman with a lot of opportunities on his plate. He’s on the hunt for a sizable compensation package, and the only thing that is known right now is that he’s likely not going to the NY Mets. 

Right now, the Giants do have Anthony DeSclafani set to come back to the Giants in November and Alex Wood on a new contract. Alex Cobb, coming from the Angels, will also be added as a pitcher. Plus, there are plenty of players available to round out the roster, including outfielder Nick Castellanos. One thing seems certain, it doesn’t seem as though it will take long before seeing the announcements on who’s going to what team. 

Larry Baer’s Commitment to Fans 

Baer oversees the daily operations of the organization. He was the driving force behind the development and construction of Oracle Park, the first Major League Ballpark that was privately financed. He’s a loyal San Franciscan who joined the Giants in 1992 as Executive Vice President. Along with Peter Magowan, he led a successful effort to ensure that the team could stay in his beloved city. He was named CEO in 2012, and in his first year of his presidency, the Giants clinched their second World Series win in just three years. The team would go on to win another World Series in .2014. 

What Larry Baer values most is his position in the community. When he spoke to the media about the lockout, this was his biggest concern. Baseball clubs are certainly there to make money, but they also serve a very important role in people’s lives. From big wins to small sponsorship programs for nonprofits, having the Giants in the city is a way to bring people of all ages together. Being aggressive after the lockout to Larry Baer means delivering on a promise he made early on in his career. Few things are more important to him than giving people the chance to experience the immense joy that 9 innings can bring. 

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