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Some Of The Best Captains In The Indian Cricket Team

Best Indian Cricket Captains of all Time

The identity of the emerging superpower that India holds today is due to sheer development not just in one specific domain but a collaborative outcome of different fields. Sports being one of the prominent elements behind the success story of socio-economic growth of India, cricket has always been the most loved of all the sports played in the country. The amount of craze and passion the nation has for this game of wickets is equivalent to infinite because it is immeasurable.

No wonder there are multiple versions of this game played here, some in the form of fantasy leagues online such as fantasy cricket and football.  The status quo of team India in the subcontinent and across the globe is because of the excellent level of mastery displayed by its legends time and again. A mediocre cricket club founded during the British regime has now earned the title of the legendary “Men in Blue.” Isn’t that something worth being awestruck? Well, this was not achieved overnight, but expert skills demonstrated by great players are registered in the sands of time. Let us pay a word tribute to some of the outstanding captains’ Team India ever had.

  1. Kapil dev: Famously known as the Haryana hurricane, this man has secured a special place in the millions of Indian hearts. Not only because he led Team India to its first world cup in 1983 but also because he gave some stellar performances throughout the timeline of his career. In addition to his deadly outswingers, he was renowned for his aggressive batting style.  Apart from the world cup, some of the great matches of his career were the ones he played against Pakistan in a six-test home series, defeating them twice with his batting and bowling skills. He still holds the record of the most incredible fast-bowling all-rounder India has ever produced.
  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The status of the Indian cricket Team wouldn’t be what we witness today had it not been helmed by our captain, cool MS.Dhoni. Apart from having the supreme skills of batting and wicket keeping, what made him stand out was his broad vision for the team. The strategies he implemented, the lineups he planned, and how he brilliantly handled the last-minute pressure always led the team to victory. 

With the joint efforts of his team, he was the captain who managed to grab the maximum number of international wins, such as the 2007 World cup T20, Asia cup 2010 and 2016, the 2011 ICC world cup, and the 2013 Champions Trophy. Besides this, he paid off by being the most expensive player in the first season of IPL by gaining multiple victories for his IPL team, Chennai Super kings, and Champions league tournaments. Although he retired from playing all forms of cricket recently, he will be loved, cherished, and celebrated by all cricket lovers worldwide.

  1. Sourav Ganguly: The “DADA” of Indian cricket history is honored with many titles and nicknames, such as “The God Of Off-side,” “Warrior Prince,” etc. He managed the team efficiently in the test matches, as is evident from the fact that out of forty-nine test matches played during his captaincy, he led the team to win in twenty-one. He holds the record of scoring the second-highest runs in an inning, 183, and is often considered the most successful ODI captain for team India. He is still serving the cricket federation as the BCCI President, and his farsightedness helped the team pull off under challenging times. 
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